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EVALTEC, Management of Research and Technological Development

Project management - Commercialisation of Technologies - Internationalisation



Madrid, 2nd January 2020


Created in 2002 at Madrid's Science Park, EVALTEC provides its clients and partners with the methodologies, advice and support needed for the development of their projects. Conceived to integrate efficiently all the Research and Technological Development management activities, is currently focused on international trading of the resulting technologies and innovations.


From the beginning EVALTEC's character has been very global and we belong to an international network that includes many places in the world where we can help you. We collaborate with The Innovative Hub, a “technology integrator” that enables the incorporation of new technologies in businesses’ internal processes and with Kinetic Cubed, a firm specialised in international trade and inward investment based in UK and with strong partnerships across Europe and Asia.


We work with companies introducing very innovative products and services such as, for instance, HEXA Engineers LLC., an enterprise systems integrator for automation, control, industrial ICT and Industry 4.0, or like RDC - EnergyLowCost, a costs consulting that is also manufacturing and distributing liquid catalysers to reduce fuel consumption with important environmental benefits and big economic savings.


One of our successes has been the IBO programme of WalesTrade International, the exports' Agency in the Country of Wales. Identifying companies with strong technological and innovative contents, and with our support in Spain and Portugal, some of them like Access Cables, Camseat, Fields Environmental, High Torque, Invertek Drives or Steel Frames Pembex, obtained relevant export awards. Currently, we are still carrying out projects for the ITD (International Trade Development) and ITO (International Trade Opportunities) programmes of the National Welsh Assembly for companies in several sectors.


EVALTEC is funding member of the Innovative Enterprises' Forum, a group of Universities' and Enterprises' representatives aiming at developing a common culture for R&D, Innovation and entrepreneurship in co-operation with society and public institutions. Complutensis University of Madrid, Autonomous and Polytechnic Universities, and companies like Airbus, Frial, GMV, MSD, Poile, Premo, Talgo, Tecnalia, Telefonica and others, are some organisations represented by the Forum members, together with trade unions CCOO and UGT.


A series of specific proposals of this Forum have been published in the book "R&D + Innovation in the spanish political debate" (in Spanish), subscribed by almost all its members and reflecting the spirit of the group. The press article "R&D and Innovation, internationalisation and size, three unavoidable joint elements" (in Spanish) is part of a large set of publications. In addition to this, EVALTEC is proud of sponsoring the IEF Awards to Enterprises, Researchers and Institutions fostering Innovation, and the CESIN University Chair for research studies on Innovation.


Present on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, our website is frequently updated and shows a complete description of our activities with versions in English, Spanish and French. If you think EVALTEC can help you or you want to have more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanking you for your interest, sincerely,


Director General for EVALTEC


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