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Project management - Commercialisation of Technologies - Internationalisation


*   Top Dog


Top Dog is a manufacturer from Atlantic Canada producing reusable protective garments in polyurethane. It is focused on meat processing sector, fisheries and food processing in general, with other applications in kinder-gardens and care homes.




EVALTEC has listed over 200 possible distributors in Spain and Portugal, helping Top Dog to finally select Toinca, that has started to work efficiently on the market achieving a big success with the aprons that are reusable, ecological, safe and very resistant.


Although applications were filed for permits for the food sector in front of the authorities and customs, Top Dog’s products are homologated as PPE - Personal Protection Equipment in Canada and SARS-COV-2 pandemics has raised big demand among sanitary professionals, so homologation from the sanitary authorities is in progress. Other applications involve hygienics in restaurants and hotels.





*   Italdron


Italdron is an Italian drone manufacturer that, in addition to design its machines, has its own flying academy. It has a wide experience and zero rate accidents due to the design of the equipment, the training of pilots and the quality of operational flying plans.



EVALTEC has collaborated in Expodronica (on the picture) introducing several potential partners. The interest on Italdron was that it had 10 years’ experience while drone companies in Spain were only 2 or 3 years old. Italian authorities exceptionally permit Italdron to operate overnight, on urban areas, over people and in explosive atmospheres.


Also, Italdron has worked with the European Commission and the Spanish Agency for Aerial Safety (AESA) expressed interest to get advice for the draft of the Spanish legislation.





*   Industry 4.0


EVALTEC has participated with success in promoting Industry 4.0 as an innovative tool for the competitiveness of the manufacturing activity and the economy through conferences, seminars, press articles and a book edited by the Innovative Enterprises Forum (FEI) with the support of the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).


   Re-industrialisation in Spain: Industry 4.0 and innovation ecosystems (in Spanish).




Additionally, this activity also has had a practical success collaborating in the creation of a subsidiary in United States for an industrial automation company called Hexa Ingenieros, with the support of the ICEX NEXT programme of the Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) who, through the commercial sections of the Spanish embassies abroad, fosters internationalisation of companies.





*   ecoPOWERplus


Corporacion RDC is a company in Barcelona that has a costs consulting division called EnergyLowCost© providing methodologies and systems for fuel saving and reduction of polluting emissions. Among other tools, manufactures and distributes organic liquid catalysers that added to fuels provide better burning.




ecoPOWERplus© (on the pictures) enables to obtain less fumes, a substantial reduction on consumption and extends useful live of mechanics, both gasoline and diesel. EVALTEC has collaborated in the development of the products, the design of labelling and packaging, and overall, in the commercialisation and real testing conditions of ecoPOWERplus© demonstrating the efficiency of this technology.





*   Camseat


Camseat is an innovative system of physical platforms for TV cameras. Its design enables excellent performances, ergonomics and a minimum space in sports' stadiums with no disturbance to spectators.



With the support of the IBO programme from Walestrade International, the Agency for exports of the Country of Wales, EVALTEC achieve to install Camseat in stadiums of several teams like Real Madrid (Santiago Bernabeu stadium on the picture), Osasuna of Pamplona, Villareal and others like Sporting of Lisbon and Oporto FC in Portugal, fulfilling the TV broadcasting needs for UEFA.





*   SF Pembex


Steel Frames Pembex (Pembrokeshire Exports) is a company with an advanced technology of high resistance light steel frames for housing. This technology is very environment friendly and the structures could be easily recycled, although they could last longer than those traditional of concrete, steel or brick, particularly in seismic areas.


The advantages of this system are more quality, less deployment time, more safety, better price and a longer guaranty than other building systems, to be completed with either traditional or innovative materials and a wide range of designs.



Before the real estate crisis, Spanish companies were reluctant to innovate in order to be more competitive. As a result of the IBO programme from Walestrade International and due to the lack of local partners, EVALTEC suggested to create directly its own subsidiary SF Pembex Iberica.




EVALTEC has succeeded in demonstrating this technology with local manpower and traditional materials from the geographical area (on the pictures). Technical and aestetic specifications from the municipality have been acomplished, as well as requirements from the clients.





*   Invertek Drives


Invertek Drives is a manufacturer of single-phase variable frequency drives located in mid-Wales. Applications are very diverse in progressive starting and stopping of electric engines achieving a soft control and energy save on lifts, conveyors, pumps, etc. They managed to succeed in the Chinese market through professors of electromechanics at the university in Beijing and in many other countries.



In a market with over 200 global competitors (Siemens, Fujitsu, Danfoss, ...), the strategy recommended by EVALTEC on the IBO programme of the Agency for exports of the Country of Wales was to create their own subsidiary, as it has been previously done in Australia and Hungary, enrolling a Manager from a competitor that established himself on his own with success partnering in Invertek Drives Iberica.





*   High Torque


High Torque is a company at the Technium in Swansea (Wales) developing a fastener that cannot be over-screwed. This fastening system is traded through a tooling license that performs the puncture on the plate. The higher the torque, the higher the resistance of the part due to compression.




EVALTEC, with the support of the IBO programme from Walestrade, managed to contact the Ford motors factory in Almusafes to obtain a part number in Köln (Germany) and integrate this efficient system in automotive manufacturing.


Additionally, EVALTEC succeed in selecting LOTU, a screw manufacturer, to distribute High Torque licenses. However, everything turned upside down when Industrias LOTU bought the company High Torque. EVALTEC had then to justify in front of Walestrade how an exports operation ended up converted into a foreign direct investment (FDI) success.





*   Access Cables


Access Cables is a Welsh manufacturer specialised on irrigation cable. EVALTEC recommended to explore the opportunities for this product in Spain. At that time, there were plans to build 50 new golf courses in Costa del Sol.


Through the IBO programme of the exports’ agency of the Country of Wales, EVALTEC succeeded in selecting Riegos Costasol as local distributor. Other relevant aspect is that competing wires were from northern America and very expensive. Irrigation requires a quite simple technical specification and EVALTEC suggested a domestic use wire complying with the specification, but with thicker insulation and the costumer’s logo engraved, presenting a similar look to the best competitors, but much more economic cost.




Other success has been engaging Ascari as a costumer. The biggest race circuit in Spain (on the picture) is located in a private real estate near Ronda (Malaga). In order to avoid dust on the track, side paths have grass and the irrigation system required 28 Km of wire supplied by Access Cables.






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