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"Innovating increases market share, productivity, exports, jobs ..."

Report R&D+i in Spain, CDTI - 2009.


*   Companies that have innovate last years in Spain show a clear trend to increase their market share, which is 10 points (%) higher than the trend recorded by the non-innovative ones.


*   Productivity of innovative companies in Spain is substantially higher - 16 points (%) - so these companies play an essential role in the improvement of the competitiveness of the economy.


*   Exporting capacity is also benefited, it is increased around 18 points (%). Therefore, the degree of internationalisation is much higher among innovative companies.


*   Capacity for jobs creation of innovative companies is higher than those that do not innovate - 2 points (%) higher - .



Sources: "AIN - INDRA caso de innovacion global, pg.28" and CDTI.



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