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EVALTEC, Management of Research and Technological Development

Project management - Commercialisation of Technologies - Internationalisation


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*   EVALTEC, Kinetic Cubed and Canadian delegation at ICOE 2021.


*   Conference Spain Accelerators and Opprtunities - Select Chicago.


*   Select Chicago FDI Workshop series (2020-2021).


*   Conference Innovate, innovate... ¿Is that the question? (in Spanish).


*   EVALTEC sponsor for FEI's Awards 2020 (in Spanish).


*   SARS–COV–2 – New website for Toinca TopDog (in Spanish).


*   SARS–COV–2 – New document FEI – IND+I (in Spanish).


*   EVALTEC sponsor for FEI's Awards 2019 (in Spanish).


*   EVALTEC supports the CESIN Chair for Studies on Innovation.


*   EVALTEC collaborates with The Innovative Hub (in Spanish).


*   Clients of RDC saving more than 10% on fuel.


*   Avoidable blindness on smartphones and tablets with Reticare.


*   Press article "R&D, Innovation, internationalisation, size" (in Spanish).


*   In memoriam Julián Izquierdo Zamarriego (in Spanish).


*   European project QuInnE on Innovation and quality of jobs.


*   EVALTEC signs the letter for #ScienceinParliament (in Spanish).


*   In memoriam Professor Alfonso Lacadena (in Spanish).


*   Book published on "The dark side of Innovation" (in Spanish).


*   In memoriam Professor Francisco del Pozo (in Spanish).


*   EVALTEC at @ExpoDronica with @ITALDRON and @kineticcubed.


*   Press article "Innovative industry, basis for welfare state" (in Spanish).


*   FEI's "Industry 4.0 and Innovation Ecosystem" at CDTI (in Spanish).


*   Annual event on Regional Policy and European Funds in Spain.


*   FEI's "Sustainability and Innovation in cities of the future" (in Spanish).


*   Tributes paid to Gaynor Lyon Campbell.


*   Presentation of the FEI’s book on industrial mature sectors.


*   FEI's "Innovation, ICTs and sustainability of Health" (in Spanish).


*   Press article "Challenges of the Automotive Industry" (in Spanish).


*   Presentation of the FEI’s book at the Spanish Parliament.


*   Press article "The entrepreneurship bubble" (in Spanish).


*   Press article "The coffee machine" (in Spanish).


*   Definition of Innovation published by Innovaspain (in Spanish).



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