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Corporacion RDC has a costs consulting division called EnergyLowCost© providing methodologies and systems for fuel saving and reduction of polluting emissions.


Among other tools, EnergyLowCost© manufactures and distributes organic liquid catalysers that added to fuels provide better burning.


250ml                 5L


ecoPOWERplus© enables to obtain less fumes, a substantial reduction on consumption (7% to 15%) and extends useful live of mechanics, both gasoline and diesel.


*   The decision to adopt this technology is justified on the tests proofs and certificates we provide.


*   The use of ecoPOWERplus© is very simple dosed into the petrol tank.


*   Savings are always evident but best results, in percentage, are usually obtained in less new and higher consumption engines, and in particular, in heating systems (20%).


*   This does not only mean benefits for environment, but also implies an important costs reduction.


On the other hand, it is obvious that reduction of carbon due to an adequate burning enables a right working of mechanics. Mainly of the exhaust gas recycling valves (EGR), of turbo-compressors and of particles' filters, that remain cleaner or self-burning systems are activated less often. There is no interaction with systems suppressing NOx (AdBlue).


Do not hesitate to contact to get more information on this technology to reduce fumes, consumptions and obtain an important economic saving.


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