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EVALTEC, Management of Research and Technological Development

Project management - Commercialisation of Technologies - Internationalisation




Have you got a business idea? Want to check if it is a real opportunity for you? The OUTSIDE-IMPACTS test can provide some answers.


O -   Opportunity - Is this a positive present value opportunity? Does it have IMPACTS?


U -   Uncertainty - What are the risks or unknown variables / threats?


T -   Team - Who is going to implement / produce / provide it?


S -   Strategy - How is it going to be implemented?


I -   Investment - What is required? - Funding?


D -   Deal - What is the team getting? What is the client getting in advantage? Business model? (How money will be made?).


E -   Exit - How can we stop / dismantle?



I -   Idea - What is the Idea / Industry?


M -   Market - Is the target Market large enough?


P -   Proposal - Present value? What is unique? (USP, unique selling proposal).


A -   Acceptance - Will the consumers accept / buy this product / service?


C -   Competitive - Why the value won't be competed away?


T -   Time - Why it is a good time to enter?


S -   Speed - How quickly can it be implemented?



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